Regent Romance

Location: Regent Plaza Ballroom

Photos: Hikari Photography

'I trust you' those were her words and so the journey began. Raiza gave me so much trust with her wedding. The flowers she carried were in pastel tones and then we decided to infuse those tones with more colour when it came to the venue setting. The Plaza Ballroom can command the space so it was important to harness some of that opulence. With gold towers we were able to elevate some floral arrangements and alternate with low set arrangements that were lit from above.

The organza curtains were drawn over the dining room as the ceremony was set on the stairs and two opulent oversized large urns with a garden of flowers and foliage spilling over the edges is where the couple declared their love for each other whilst guests watched on and then they all merged into the dinning space celebrating in style.

The bridal table was styled with striped linen, gold rimmed glass plate chargers, gold cutlery and gold rimmed glassware making a royal setting where the bridal party looked out from behind a floral hedge of peony, roses, trailing jasmine and hellebore.