Regal Beauty

Location: The Deck at Circa

Photos: Hikari Photography

Nattlyn approached me with the most beautiful mood board – she arrived at her appointment with the hard board with images glued down overlapping inspiration images….so beautiful and I could feel the passion she had in creating a beautiful setting for the wedding. She left me with a simple document the full wish list including a budget breakdown per item, I took a photo of her original mood board as I felt that I could take inspiration from her prized possession of the moment. It was truly an insight into her dream wedding. If we could not fulfil the entire dream then taking the elements that reinvented it was just as important.

After spending some time working on her document and mood board I started to refine the look, looking through at what was common amongst a lot of the images on the mood board and for me it was really about a colour palette that influenced the mood. Regal was a word that came to mind. Rich, moody tones with gold regal looking vessels.

Circa lends itself to a contemporary feel so I had to be careful not to stray too far and make the Regal look seem dated. I had to put a modern twist on it. With this mind I used lots of dark contemporary chocolate leaves, with bright green foliage and then lots of textures. Hanging burgundy Amaranthus was the highlighting touch to the floral arrangements. Gold vessels spoke like regal wine goblets highlighting the moody tones, fragrant spilling jasmine created a sense romance and pomegranate fruit present in the centre pieces created interest.

The ceremony arbour was black and contemporary in style to match the existing décor of the venue so embellishing in a raspberry, marsala and pomegranate colour palette just tied in with the other elements making sure the transition from ceremony to dining was easy on the eye.