curated styling

You covet the magic of rare experience. We exist to guide discovery. Come. Get carried away. Something exquisite awaits...

From pristine elegance to decadent extravagance we make the extraordinary seem effortless. A StyleLuxe production takes you from start to finish, transforming your vision into an enthralling sensory journey.

Our event styling is all about professional finish and intimate appeal. It is our role to ensure a carefully curated event will seduce, captivate and delight your guests.


Step 1: Discovery
Meet and greet is required to establish the scope of works required. It is our opportunity to gather and consider the vision and outcome you require for your event. We will then be able to present you with a cost structure for our Curated Service.

Step 2: The Journey Begins
It begins with the storey teller, a script is curated for the order of events simultaneously the Stylist will prepare the aesthetic concept for your event under the direction of the curator. A proposal will be presented for your approval.

Step 3: Production
Once the concept has been refined and approved the Curator will instruct for all elements to be costed and then locked into production.

Step 4: Professional Finish
It takes a professional team to ensure a seamless execution. We work with the best in the business to make magic happen.

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